Everything is going to be alright…?


John Lennon was a wise man with many talents that I could only dream of. Here’s one of his many quotes:

Everything is going to be okay in the end,

If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

But is this really true? If so all the worrying, sleepless nights etc. are all useless? Can we really trust that things will work out is the end? Yes, of course, looking back it is easy to see why certain things happened and other didn’t. We learn from our mistakes, if we don’t, they will reoccur to until we do. But does the universe, or whatever you want to call it, have a plan for each of us, to make the ‘ends’ meet so to speak?

If we want to live with a bit of peace of mind I guess we have no choice but to have a certain level of trust in things and the course of our lives. Mmmmm probably the hardest thing to do, even harder than going to the gym:-) just sit back, breathe and accept what is.


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My favorite restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, my home town… Love this city! With all it’s different neighbourhoods, farmers’ markets, the beautiful canals which never bore you and not to forget dozens of great restaurants. Here’s a little short list with my favorites:

  • Toscanini… the famous Italiaan
  • George Bistro for the best burger (yep sorry, they won!)
  • Gebroeders Hartering for a ‘old Amsterdam’ surrounding and simply amazing food
  • Buffet van Odette the not to miss lunch (breakfast, dinner too!)
  • Hotel Goudfazant good food in a huge and cool old garage
  • Choux near central station is a precious little gem
  • Krua Thai for authentic Thai food
  • Marius is more intimate yet simple, and not to forget Worst next door
  • Restaurant Breda delicate tastes and great decor
  • Ku Kitchen’s Asian food and cocktails
  • De Klepel always has a great set menu
  • Brut de Mer oysters yeah!!!!
  • The Seafood Bar for your classic ‘fish dish’
  • Sama Cebo the Indonesian oldtimer, get a spot in the brasserie!

More to follow… Enoy!!!

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First time for everything?

Remember that thrill you got when you were young doing something for the first time? Logical that as we get older we have ‘done’ most of the regular things. We have grown cultivated as to how to contain the excitement of feeling, seeing, tasting or having something for the first time.

Maybe as we get older and hopefully being a bit more conscious of what it is you are actually doing etc also makes a difference?

Whatever it is you really enjoy, try to ‘do it’ in an other way so you can experience that ‘excitement’ of the first time again? Set yourself goals or save for that trip… They saying that ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ is definately true. Do something that scares you and you will feel your heartbeat going up:-)

Feeling this buzz will make you feel alive like nothing else wil.

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Yuk apple cider vinegar for breakfast


Waking up with a glass of water seems like a logical beginning of a regular day. Although coffee might be your first urge, try a glass of water to hydrate after a long night of sleep or whatever you’ve been up to! More and more stories have been published about the benefits of drinking this glass of water before eating or drinking anything else. Not only is it good for your organs and general hydration level of your body but it also has an effect on your skin.

Luke warm water is a lesser shock to your body which is also just waking up. Adding a squize of lemon is easy and gives you a jump start on your vitamine C for the day. If you have time, which you probably don’t, add some honey and cayenne peper for the full kick start.

For the die hards… Start the day with luke warm water and apple cider vinegar. Seriously, I do not know why but I find this sooo disgusting that I can not drink it without holding my nose closed. And even then does it make me want to… nevermind!

The reason lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are good for you is because they are alkaline foods. They help your body to become less acidic. Basically, long story short, inflammation diseases and infections are much more likely to ‘grow’ or occur in an acidic environment. Studies have also shown that even cancer cells grow more rapidly in acidic environments as opposed to alkaline. Might be hard to explain or understand but remember in high school chemistry class those pieces of paper you had to put in a liquid and then read the acidity? PH 5.5 being neutral? That’s exactly what this is… No rocket science:-)


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For years has the Dutch design brand Humanoid been part of my casual and easy wardrobe. The soft and wearable materials make this brand super comfortable. I am also always a sucker for their wraps and scarfs… Humanoid

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Favela in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Traveling with my two kids is one of my greatest joys in life. The adventure and energy are highly addictive. This pic is one of my favorites, their faces are pure joy even though they had to smile on command:-)


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Ibiza hotspot Mikado

2016-03-27 15.29.59

Spring in Ibiza is the best time to enjoy the green fields, wild flowers and blossoming almond trees. We were there for the Easter break and it was absolutely gorgeous! Living in a city the nature was so overwhelming, instantly made me feel alive and more connected. Waking up when it is still chilly outside and having a coffee next to the fireplace, what can possibly go wrong after a start like that?

We had lunch at Mikado, a great thai or asian restaurant in the center of St. Gertrudis. The food was fresh, well seasoned (sort of essential in the asian kitchen) and not very expensive. The kids had chicken saté and we ordered almost every starter on the menu… La Escollera is my other all-year round favorite. Lunch was again, as always, simply delicious.

The best 4 day break ever! No crowds, pure nature and a blue sky…

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