Yuk apple cider vinegar for breakfast


Waking up with a glass of water seems like a logical beginning of a regular day. Although coffee might be your first urge, try a glass of water to hydrate after a long night of sleep or whatever you’ve been up to! More and more stories have been published about the benefits of drinking this glass of water before eating or drinking anything else. Not only is it good for your organs and general hydration level of your body but it also has an effect on your skin.

Luke warm water is a lesser shock to your body which is also just waking up. Adding a squize of lemon is easy and gives you a jump start on your vitamine C for the day. If you have time, which you probably don’t, add some honey and cayenne peper for the full kick start.

For the die hards… Start the day with luke warm water and apple cider vinegar. Seriously, I do not know why but I find this sooo disgusting that I can not drink it without holding my nose closed. And even then does it make me want to… nevermind!

The reason lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are good for you is because they are alkaline foods. They help your body to become less acidic. Basically, long story short, inflammation diseases and infections are much more likely to ‘grow’ or occur in an acidic environment. Studies have also shown that even cancer cells grow more rapidly in acidic environments as opposed to alkaline. Might be hard to explain or understand but remember in high school chemistry class those pieces of paper you had to put in a liquid and then read the acidity? PH 5.5 being neutral? That’s exactly what this is… No rocket science:-)


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