Starting my own vegetable garden



There’s something about getting your hands dirty that makes me feel good. Just by digging in and preparing the earth to be at its best to produce.

Planting a seed with the expectation or hope for growth. Is there a mindfulness exercise that can beat this? Putting all your hopes, wants, needs in the ground and giving it all to grow to its potential best?

Weird, never thought of gardening to be so rewarding. There have been theories that if you walk bear foot through the soil and occasionally spit on it (yes sorry about that!) the produce and soil will in return give you exactly what you need at that point in time. Wouldn’t that be a small miracle?

Wonder if all things work that way. So if you show your true colors, ask for what you need (not want?) it will come to you?

Jumping way ahead, back to start, I am off weeding!




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Ibiza hotspot Mikado

2016-03-27 15.29.59

Spring in Ibiza is the best time to enjoy the green fields, wild flowers and blossoming almond trees. We were there for the Easter break and it was absolutely gorgeous! Living in a city the nature was so overwhelming, instantly made me feel alive and more connected. Waking up when it is still chilly outside and having a coffee next to the fireplace, what can possibly go wrong after a start like that?

We had lunch at Mikado, a great thai or asian restaurant in the center of St. Gertrudis. The food was fresh, well seasoned (sort of essential in the asian kitchen) and not very expensive. The kids had chicken saté and we ordered almost every starter on the menu… La Escollera is my other all-year round favorite. Lunch was again, as always, simply delicious.

The best 4 day break ever! No crowds, pure nature and a blue sky…

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