My new hero: Michael Pollan



Are you a Netflix fan? Incredible how this has changed the way we use our television.

Love the documentary section especially the food related series. I just watched the Michael Pollan documentary ‘Cooked’. Wow! Seriously the thing to watch if you want to know more about the basic principles of food, cooking, health and the problems we have today in our western food culture. A very powerful message for all of us to understand where we come from and how the food industry has altered the way we eat.

Michael describes the four elements fire, water, air, and earth and the ways they have been used to cook and prepare food in the course of history. What I found very chocking is that he describes why things are going wrong in todays diets and how this is directly related to chronic diseases. Something most of us have believed in for years but never found the audience to broadcast it to.

He describes how the quality of our bread has a big role in the huge increase in gluten intolerance. So buy wisely and try to find traditionally made sour dough bread. Bacteria and fermenting food is essential for our living bodies. This process is complicated yet fascinating and shows us how bacteria and fungus are not to be banned from our diets.

Michael, you got me, fan for life!

review by the guardian nails it

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