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Boho chique, barefoot luxury… This place has got it all! The staff is lovely, food is delicious and Trancoso is the ultimate hide-away. Travel here in the summer and find a relaxed, deserted little town away from the crowds. However if you travel here in December or January expect a big party crowd that will keep you awake and busy well after midnight.

Uxua Trancoso

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Wow! Who would have believed a couple of years ago that travelling to Colombia would ever be safe again? Well it is! And so NOW is the time to go!

It is the new vibrant South American destination. Not only is the culture a treat but wait until you find out about the endless food options. With loads of influences from Peru, you can find loads of fresh ceviche and fish in Cartagena. Absolutely loved this town. It has a mix of an old European colony and the warm vibrant Colombian upbeat atmosphere. Medellin is the hang out for ‘digital nomads’ and the coastline is still pure and untouched.

Hotel tips for Cartagena: La Passion (bit out of fashion but great location), Ananda Hotel, Casa Blanca and Hotel Casa Pestagua. If you want to treat yourself; Santa Clara is your best bet.

Restaurants in Cartagena: La Perla is a delicious small Peruvian restaurant where you can eat ceviche with a great glass of wine. Feel like a good steak? This is the place to be: Quebracho. Would do anything for that chimichurri saus! El Boliche is a cute restaurant where ceviche is made for you behind the bar. Reservations are must as this place is tiny! Restaurant Carmen serves good fusion food and is a good option for diner. The area of Plaza de Trinidad is great to have a drink at night. Start your night at Trattoria di Silvio for some serious excellent Italian food and then hit the town starting at Bar Demente.

Something else? Travel up to Tayrona park and go surfing at simple and super basic Costeno Beach.



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Eivissa Food; the best Ibiza restaurant tips

Face Book

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Almost summer… 2016 can you believe it? Can’t wait to put on that long dress, wander in my garden and look up at the stars at night and wonder what the hell am I doing back in Amsterdam most of the year. As soon as I land just the scent of the air brings me back to my childhood year on the island.

My book is full of tips of places which still have that authentic feeling and haven’t changed through the years. Wonder why everyone always wants ‘new’ when there is so much beauty in ‘old’?

Just a list of my all time favorites:

La Paloma is the hippie favorite. The food is always excellent and has never let me down. I usually order different starters to share as choosing one has never been my best quality.

Ex Xarcu where time just does not seem to matter. The amount of the bill on the other hand does as this can be quiet stiff.

Macao Cafe is the best Italiaan where you can drink wine all night and have your kids running around the town square without having to (really) worry.

The Passion Cafe does serve the best organic health food. Great menu and juices, perfect for the day after guilt comfort food.

Oh almost forgot, Can Guimo, best countryside breakfast place! Homemade cakes, great breakfast, lunch and healthy juices!



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Aquila in 3 days

Anguilla, 20 min met de boot van St. Maarten en je bent weer in een totaal andere wereld. Er is weinig te doen behalve strand, duiken, eten en drinken. Ben je iets wat onrustig zoals ik dan ben je na 3 dagen wel klaar en kan je de boot weer pakken.

Er zijn 2 places to be; de Viceroy en de Malliouhana waarvan de laatste veel warmer en eclectischer is. Ongekend hoe duur het eten hier is, bijna een grap! Restaurant Jacala is by far het lekkerste maar dan moet je niet op de arrogante franse eigenaar letten:-)

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Turkey burgers for all!

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One of my all time favorites to serve when inspiration is at a low is turkey or chicken burgers. This is a hit everytime I serve it, for kids as well as for adults (who usually skip te buns:-)). Ask your local supplier to grind the meat so that all you have to do is add the ingredients. Here is a basic recipe but you can actually add anything you like to customize them to your personal taste.

I personally love the middle eastern touch so I add a bit of harissa. The healthier options can be created by adding more grated or chopped vegetables. Make sure to add only ‘dry’ vegetables as moisture will make the hamburgers fall apart.

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